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PPixelation is an infamous plagiarist of the chiptune community. In late July, the FamiTracker Discord community discovered that she was stealing other FamiTracker user's music and uploading it to websites such as YouTube and SoundCloud as her own. Moreover, she was also selling these stolen songs on BandCamp, and had a Patreon page where she claimed to teach people her'skills' in exchange for monthly donations.

Once m9m discovered her, the FamiTracker Discord server began reporting her accounts, leading to her trying to explain herself on the FamiTracker Forums. This resulted in a large but brief spike in popularity for the site, as several members who had abandoned it returned to reprimand PPixelation for her actions. PPixelation initially seemed remorseful, having closed down (seemingly) all of her accounts, and claiming to have donated some of the money made from selling the stolen music to charity.[1]

Later in the thread, a user claiming to be PPixelation's fiance joined the discussion saying that he had broken up with her over the incident.[2] A few other users claiming to be friends and Patreon supporters of PPixelation also joined, expressing shock at the situation. Even further in the thread's development, one of the former Patreon supporters, soulthreads, discovered that PPixelation had not closed her Patreon page: she simply renamed it.[3] This was effectively the final straw for most FamiTracker users; after this incident, PPixelation status as a community pariah was solidified.

Since she deleted most of her accounts, it is difficult to prove who and what PPixelation stole from.

Accounts Edit

YouTube Edit

PPixelation's YouTube channel was a simple video respository of her stolen chipmusic. It was one of the only sites of hers that was archived.[4][5]

SoundCloud Edit

PPixelation actually has two SoundCloud accounts: one for chiptunes and another, secondary one for other stolen songs. They were both taken down, although PPixelation had to be told to remove the secondary account.

BandCamp Edit

This account (along with the Patreon account) angered the FamiTracker community the most, since it showed that PPixelation was not only hosting stolen music, but also selling it.

Another account under the name Cyclonistic ( , linked to on their reddit account[6], has been found, but has not yet been investigated.

Patreon Edit

PPixelation has not removed his Patreon account, unlike his other pages, but has simply renamed it to bleck. He receives $10 a month from 2 patrons. In exchange for pledging certain amounts of monthly money to her, PPixelation promises to help patrons learn how to use FamiTracker. Her original page (before it was renamed) contained the ironic phrase, "Feel free to remix or do whatever with it but don't repurpose it.. cause that's stealing kids :^)" which has since been removed.[7]

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